Hundreds of new jobs available in the UK

2019 couldn‘t start better for our jobbers in the UK because hundreds of jobs are out there waiting to be completed. Our current job “Ask for CHEP pallets” is available all over the UK and it‘s rewarded with £ 6. Although most of these jobs are located in Central England you can also find some in Scotland, from Glasgow to Wick, in Wales, from Cardiff to Bangor, in Northern Ireland, from Belfast to Londonderry, and even in some areas of Ireland.

Almost 600 jobs all over the UK are waiting for you!

That's what you have to do for this job: Visit the specified shop and ask if there are any CHEP pallets that can be picked up by CHEP. An official letter of approval from CHEP can be found in the help section – as well as other relevant information about this job.

So let's go! Take a look in the app, find your job, get your reward and start the new year with a full wallet!

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