• Real time information of your POS from the shopper's view

    Lernen Sie Ihren POS kennen und analysieren Sie Ihre Retail Execution, ohne Ihren Außendienst weiter zu belasten.

  • Category Management

    Differenzierte Analysen von (Sub-)Kategorien auf SKU-Ebene für Ihren Erfolg im Regal. Wir liefern Ihnen die Datenbasis national aus jedem POS für ein aktives Category Management.

  • We are experts for POIs of all kinds in proven quality.

    Verification of outdoor advertising, map data, addresses, opening hours and many more. We are sure to also be able to cover your use case!

  • With crowdsourcing into the future.

    Hundreds of thousands of jobbers are ON SITE FOR YOU and collect qualified information in Europe. A high volume of information within a few days at an attractive price.

  • Individual solutions

    Für Ihre Anforderungen und Ihre Projekte finden wir die passende, auf Sie und Ihre Produkte zugeschnittene Lösung. Nutzen Sie appJobber als Inhouse-App für ihre Mitarbeiter in einer geschlossenen Umgebung.

appJobber facts
> 1 Mio. Installations in europe
> 10 Mio. Pictures
> 500 Satisfied customers
invaluableCost savings for our customers
Satisfaction at the highest levelA few of our customers
Delegating has never been so easy.How appJobber works
  • 1. Briefing

    The project, its perimeters and your KPIs are defined in cooperation with us whereupon the jobs and the briefing are created. You can make adjustments at any time.

  • 2. Responses

    The jobs become visible in our appJobber app at the start of the project and our jobbers are informed through a variety of channels. Our jobbers complete the jobs on site by answering questions and taking fotos.

  • 3. Examination

    The incoming data is being checked and processed by us in line with our full-service approach.

  • 4. Reporting

    Besides the real time tracking of results through our dashboard you get funded evaluations for you projects.

appJobber News
Navigate, Focus and Sort

You want to make your jobbing even easier?
With these 3 ultimate features this is possible! Because those who know these tricks save time, improve their image quality and simplify the search for jobs.

Here you can find out how to do it!

Our 3 ultimate features

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Camera crash? The new update brings improvement!

Over the last weeks we have received news from you again and again, because the camera crashed while working. Of course this must not happen. So we say SORRY again and apologize for the trouble some of you had with it. That's why we're even more happy that our developers were able to fix the tricky bug.

New Update!

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How to ensure a secure password

May 2nd is World Password Day. This is a good occasion to make you become aware of the importance of a secure password. Data theft, phishing or targeted hacker attacks are nowadays a frequent topic of discussion in the media. The huge data theft of January 2019, in which millions of passwords were distributed worldwide, is perhaps still on your mind.
In order to protect your own user accounts, it is therefore important to take this matter seriously instead of hoping that it will not affect you. So here are a few important tips to help you protect your appJobber user account - and of course your hard-earned money.

Protect your user accounts from unauthorized access! - Foto: JanBaby, Pixabay, CC0

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