Ameliorating the crowdworking business together

In cooperation with other leading crowdworking providers, appJobber has signed a code-of-conduct aiming to a fair cooperation between crowdworkers and providers. We perceive crowdworking as a modern method of working and would like - with this voluntary guideline - to contribute to the establishment of better and fair conditions for all persons involved .

appJobber is a subscriber
appJobber isone of the subscribers of the Crowdworking Code-of-Conduct

As describes in the purpose and objectives of the Code-of-Conduct: „Its aim is to create general guidelines about how to act in regards to crowdwork and thereby create a basis for a trusting and fair cooperation between service providers, clients and crowdworkers, supplementary to current legislation. “

We are very pleased about the growing awareness of the industry and are proud to be able to participate to this guideline, in order to let crowdworking establish itself in society as a flexible and fair way of working. For more informations or for downloading the complete paper, visit the crowdsourcing code of conduct homepage .

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