From A Like Albania, to U Like Ukraine: gain money with your smartphone

appJobber is a crowdsourcing platform, with which you can make money easily!
Download the free app on your iphone or Android smartphone and register. Once you open the app, you will see the microjobs that are waiting for you. Start a job, complete the requested tasks and then the money will get to your appJobber account. You can ask us anytime to transfer the money to your paypal or bank account, starting from the first gained Euro.

Our Store-Check-Jobs are available in 40 European countries! Each job pays you 5 €! To complete the job you‘ll have to seek out the requested supermarket or drug store and take some photos from the inside and outside of the store. That's it, job done. The best thing: it is up to you in which city and in which store you want to do the job.

jobs in all of Europe

How does it work?
All you need to do is to download the free „appJobber“ app on your iphone or android device, register as a Jobber and choose your country of residence (if you don't see the name of your country, then choose "other").

In all the countries listed above, you will then find the “Storecheck” job in the App on the top right corner, tapping either on "scouting Jobs" in the menu (Android) or on the magnifier symbol (iPhone). The job description will tell you which drugstore or supermarket chain needs to be photographed. Now you can visit a branch of your choice in this chain and complete the required tasks. The completed job can then immediately, or later in the hotel or Internet café, be uploaded. But note: per chain there is only one job, its first come first serve!

The international store-check can be done in over 1000 supermarket and drug store in the following 40 European countries:

List of countries with storechecks

Have questions about the Jobs? Need help registering? Just write an email to
We will be glad to help!

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